Robert Gordon University Alumni


Memory Book & Recipe Book

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Robert Gordon University ‘Do’ School in Aberdeen, the Alumni association approached Trend to design and develop a memory book that would be given to the ‘Do’ School’s past graduates.

The school specialised in cooking, baking, haberdashery and home-making from the 1940s to the early 70s. The university supplied an amazing amount of materials, photographs and press clippings generously donated by its graduates for the coinciding exhibition showcasing the book and the mementos from it's alumni.
Cover; 270gsm Uncoated, Text; 150gsm Uncoated

The main objective was to create a ‘melancholic’ aesthetic inspired by the materials provided. This allowed a great scope for development and styling of each page - allowing each graduates story to look as unique and individual as their experiences while at the school.

Cover; 270gsm Silk, Text; 150gsm Silk

Alongside the Memory Book created for the ‘Do’ School, a smaller 28 page recipe book was produced by Trend.

Filled with recipes from the women featured in the memory book, many of which were created during their time studying, and allowed for an endless realm of opportunities for creativity.

Imagery and typography were chosen to accompany the recipe and displayed in mind of the target audience’s age range, many of whom were in their sixties and beyond.