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Newsletter & Corporate Literature

As part of a literature package Awilco Drilling also hired Trend to develop and produce their first company-wide newsletter.

The newsletters were designed to match their current branding guidelines and would feature submissions from staff. My goal was to create a finished article that would stand alone from other literature used by the company while keeping the aesthetics of the brand, but also allowing the Awilco ‘voice’ to be fully visualised.
4PP Printed on Heaven 42 270gsm Silk Matte

Following the publishing of it’s first newsletter, I created an updated promotional brochure for Awilco Drilling’s two rigs, the WilHunter and WilPhoenix, as well as three styled corporate posters to display throughout the offices. Both of these incorporated the unique silhouette concept created for the projects, which was received well amongst Awilco Drilling employees and clients.

Printed on Heaven 42 Silk Matt Stock with Matte Laminate & Spot UV

As part of their package with Trend, Awilco Drilling were requiring a set of posters that would be framed and positioned throughout their office. The posters would push their company core values and identify with the company’s existing brand and aesthetics.

A4 Posters printed on 200gsm Silk

Ryan Swinney

Graphic Designer, Stirling


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